Summer Swag Parade [RESULTS]

Hey, everyone!

Today we held a Summer Swag Event, our first event after our ‘break’. Thank you so much, allies and SWAT, for attending and taking event pics! Also, thanks Cabin for VC Leading with LEGOMAN relaying commands in chat! Everyone did amazing with tactics!

Max: 18

Battle VS Sidie’s Rangers [RESULTS]

A couple days ago, we fought against Camperjohn and his forces. In a landslide, we were able to absolutely destroy Camperjohn. With a max of 16, we made sure Camperjohn knew that we were not to be messed with.

But as the battle ended, there was a shocking update: Camperjohn64 had jumped off the berg.

Camperjohn has admitted defeat, as seen above. We have won the war. Thank you to all members who participated in the war to defeat the tyrant, Camperjohn64.