go home dino you’re drunk

I’ve never seen a more incompetent piece of propaganda in my life. Your post should be studied in history classes for the sheer magnitude of its failure. Let me sum up Dino’s post on the Water Vikings website for you:

“PIC is bad because a PIC troop used David/Sirproditor’s account on Club Penguin.”

I’ve never heard of a weaker premise than that. Branding an army as “bad” because some troop used David’s account? If you had dug even a little deeper you’d have found out that David regularly gave his account details to PIC troops during his tenure. While I don’t think people should be using his account, what you’re doing here is a massive reach. Trying to characterize an entire army based on the actions of a random troop, whose only crime is logging onto your friend’s Club Penguin account. Go back to the drawing board brother.

“The fact that you need to use my close friend’s deadname for recruitment purposes shows how bastardized your army has become.”

David has a new name online and no longer goes by the name “Proditor”. The act of logging onto his old account is not dead naming him. As a Transgender person I find it extremely belittling that you would use terminology to describe a genuine issue that my community faces as a catch-all term for using someone’s old online name. You’re actually pathetic. I can’t wait for part two of your post for you to continue subtly undermining minorities.

Also, let’s not forget one of your leaders is Aaronstone, the big boy Trump supporter, a man who continuously jokes about hating women. Once or twice is a joke, but maybe it wasn’t a joke after all…? As if he cares about dead naming lmfao. We can be uncharitable too uwu.

Such an amazing song doesn’t belong in a sub-par post like yours.

Do better, WV.

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